Our 2023 Impact In Your Parks

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At the Allegheny County Parks Foundation, the journey through 2023 has been a testament to our unwavering commitment to improve, conserve and restore your nine Allegheny County Parks. This blog post is a celebration of the park projects completed, the challenges overcome and the profound impact we’ve had on the environment of our region and the communities who use the county parks. Together in 2023, we were able to accomplish work across all 9 parks, such as:

What we do

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Improving Your County Parks

Improving our parks is a shared endeavor that requires the collaboration of the county, local communities, dedicated organizations, and individuals alike. This year we focused on many ways to improve your county parks, namely through education, listening and by getting our hands dirty. We invested in learning the history of the sculptures and the artists in Hartwood Acres Park so those who visit the Carol R. Brown Sculpture Garden can appreciate their rich histories. We studied and shared the results of our second ever Community Awareness Survey which helped us to better understand the needs and uses of the parks; and we listened to community residents about the impact of and approach needed for a successful trail connection between South Park and White Oak Park. We also hosted litter clean-ups, completed small impact projects and partnered with individuals to install park benches, all which make small yet impactful improvements to your parks.

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Conserving Your County Parks

In our ongoing commitment to environmental conservation, the Parks Foundation has dedicated significant efforts to understanding, preserving and enhancing the natural wonders found within your parks. Our commitment to conservation includes learning about the biodiversity within the parks through our Ecological Assessments and Action Plans and our Stream Studies. Through scientific research, data collection, and collaborative partnerships, we work to understand and protect the unique ecosystems thriving within these natural havens. This knowledge serves as a foundation for informed decision-making to safeguard the delicate balance of park ecosystems. From removing invasive species that threaten biodiversity, to reimagining impermeable surfaces to mitigate flooding, to planting native perennials, shrubs, trees and meadows that improve our canopy and attract pollinators, to our work restoring riparian buffers, we have sought to create a harmonious equilibrium where every species plays its part in the intricate tapestry of nature.

Large stone shelter with chimney in park that is under construction

Restoring Your County Parks

In the heart of many parks lie echoes of the past, embodied in historical buildings that bear witness to the stories of an earlier time. At the Parks Foundation, we recognize the intrinsic value of preserving these architectural gems as an integral part of our park conservation efforts. In 2023, we were privileged to complete the work on Nevin Shelter, a Paul Riis shelter in South Park that was built in 1931. This project is just one of many from Paul Riis’ legacy that we have been working to restore.

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Joining Hands Together for Allegheny County Parks

As we look back on the impactful year that was 2023, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to every supporter, volunteer, sponsor, and partner who joined hands with us in our mission of improving, conserving and restoring your nine county parks. We also want to express our appreciation to Allegheny County for being our partner in all this work. This collective dedication has been the driving force behind every tree planted, every community empowered, and every project completed. Together, we’ve laid the foundation for a greener tomorrow in Allegheny County—one where the seeds we’ve sown in 2023 continue to flourish and bear fruit for generations to come.