Tree Fund Program


Every year, the Allegheny County Parks Foundation plants trees in our county’s nine parks in partnership with Allegheny County. In addition to their majestic beauty, trees improve the parks’ ecology by increasing our region’s declining tree canopy, shoring up riparian borders to clean rainwater that flows into streams, help storm water management by absorbing runoff and provide shelter and food for birds and wildlife.

The Parks Foundation introduced the Tree Program in 2020 to help fund this ongoing effort. The Tree Program offers park lovers the opportunity to participate as partners who value our region by enhancing their parks with native trees for the benefit of future generations to come.

We invite you to donate to this reforestation and beautification program. Use this gift as a way of memorializing a family member, friend or special memory of time spent in the Allegheny County Parks. Every donation has the added value of living on and on as a gift to our whole region. Donations of $50 or more to the Tree Program Fund will be commemorated with a certificate.

Show your love of trees with a Facebook fundraiser! Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or special occasion by inviting your friends to donate to the Tree Fund. Call Caitlin Harpster at 724.327.7627 to learn more.


As of February 2024, the Parks Foundation has planted 485 trees and over 3 acres of reforestation across the county parks.


Allegheny County


    • P3R (Pittsburgh Three Rivers Marathon)
    • Generous individuals

As part of your contribution to the Tree Fund, we will issue a tree planting certificate for donations of $50 or more. You can choose for the certificate to be personalized with your name or the name of someone you are honoring or remembering.  (Ex. “A gift to the Allegheny County Parks Foundation Tree Fund has been made in honor of Joe Smith. This gift of trees was made possible by Jane Smith on January 1, 2020.”)