group hiking in woods

Trail Discovery Guide

to the nine Allegheny County Parks

The nine Allegheny County Parks have more than 200 miles of trails for hikers, bikers, walkers and everyone! This Trail Discovery Guide features 18 popular trails – two trails in each park – offering a variety of distances, surfaces, scenic features and elevations. This handy directory is designed for park visitors who want to explore all nine Allegheny County Parks and who prefer to follow a directive narrative instead of a map.

How to use this guide

  1. Pick a park
  2. Review the descriptions
  3. Print the directions and map
  4. Read our Preparing for a Hike suggestions

For additional guidance on the trails, find the Allegheny County Trails app in your app store and familiarize yourself with its features. These maps will provide real time assistance out on the trails.

You’re all set! The Allegheny County Parks have trails for everyone and every ability. Visit a park you’ve never seen before. Try them all!

trail blazes

Many Allegheny County Parks trails are marked by blazes, which are either painted on trees or colored stickers on sign posts. They indicate the trail you’re on and where to go next. When you pass a blaze, look ahead for the next one after walking a short distance. All trails are multi-use. Please remember to follow proper trail etiquette and respect other park visitors.

Boyce Park

Boyce Park meadow
Green Trail
Carpenter House
Yellow Trail

Deer Lakes Park

Deer Lakes Park
Purple Trail
Deer Lakes Park People walking on Green-with-Red-Dot
Green-with-Red-Dot Trail

Harrison Hills Park

Harrison Hills Park Trail view of river
Green Trail
Harrison Hills Bridge
Red Trail

Hartwood Acres Park

Hartwood Acres Park purple trail blaze
Purple Trail
Hartwood Acres Scupture
Paved Trail

North Park

North Park Lake trail bikes
White Trail
North Park Lake trail bench
Lake Trail

Round Hill Park

Round Hill Park path
Harmony House Red Trail
Round Hill Park swift tower
Harmony House Blue Trail

Settlers Cabin Park

Settlers Cabin Park Waterfall/Green trail waterfall
Waterfall/Green Trail
Settlers Cabin Park flower
Red Trail

South Park

South Park Montour Trail bridge
Montour Connector Trail
South Park Vale Trail pool
Vale of Cashmere Trail

White Oak Park

White Oak Park Green Trail bulletin
Green Trail
White Oak Park Yellow Trail blaze
Yellow Trail

The Allegheny County Parks Foundation raised the funds for this project. The Jewish Healthcare Foundation provided the funding for the Trail Discovery Guide.

Allegheny County Lead Supervisory Ranger Braden Meiter and the Park Rangers staff provided all trail descriptions and help to keep the trails and other areas of the Allegheny County Parks welcoming for all. Trail conditions and routes may change over time. Please see the Allegheny County Trails App for the most up-to-date trail maps. These descriptions are representative of the trails in spring 2022.