Streams Assessments

Stream Assessment Photograph


The Allegheny County Parks Foundation is working with the Watershed Steward Program of Allegheny County to complete ecological stream assessments in all 9 County Parks over a three-year period. This work builds upon the work of our Ecological Assessments and Action Plans.

These stream studies complement our ecological work by diving deeply into the condition of the streams through the assessment of their chemistry, macro-invertebrate biological community, and physical condition using standardized procedures over a one-year period in each park. The Parks Foundation and Allegheny County will use these studies to help guide decisions in land use, land management or restoration activities and projects.



    • Allegheny County
    • Allegheny Watershed Steward Program of Allegheny County
    • Penn State Extension: Master Watershed Steward Program


    • Foundation for PA Watersheds