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Welcome to the Allegheny County Parks Foundation, where we work together to improve, conserve, and restore the nine Allegheny County parks.

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Current Project

Park bench and sculpture projects


How do you create a sculpture garden? Very carefully. Twelve sculptures were gifted to Hartwood Acres Park in the 1980s, when it was envisioned as an art and culture park. A thirteenth sculpture was added years later. Now much-needed expert art restoration is underway and the Hartwood Acres Sculpture Garden is in progress, as the Parks Foundation partners with Allegheny County. When completed, it will include ADA-accessible walkways connecting the sculptures, new landscape plantings and reconfigured driveways and parking area, designed to “green” principles. Check out our progress.

2020 Campaign for the Parks

Path through Settlers Cabin Park

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Allegheny County is home to one of the nation’s largest and most comprehensive park systems. Encompassing over 12,000 acres, the nine county parks contribute to healthy lifestyles, year-round entertainment and a vibrant economy.

Your Allegheny County Parks have remained open during these times of uncertainty, providing the enjoyment, recreation and serenity of the great outdoors. Please embrace this unique moment by joining park supporters throughout our region and donate today.

Your generous support will help to continue the vital work of ensuring great parks for all.

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Completed Project

Flowers in a meadow

35 Million Blooms An Acre

Ever wondered how many flowers are in our meadows? We did too, so the fine folks at Ernst Conservation Seeds in Meadville, who supply our hearty meadow seed mixes, calculated it for us.

Each acre requires 20 pounds of seed and from there Mark Fiely, Ernst horticulturalist, determined the numbers. That 35 million bloom count doesn’t factor in the various grasses that were selected for each acre of meadow, which, along with the flowers add to the overall texture, beauty and sustainability of the meadows.

Now is the perfect time to visit the four meadows planted by the Allegheny County Parks Foundation in partnership with Allegheny County.

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