Harrison Hills Park

You’ll find 14 beautiful miles of blazed trails in Harrison Hills Park, where everyone – from birdwatchers to dogwalkers, hikers to horseback riders – all feel at home. The 500-acre park, in northern Allegheny County, abounds with woods, waterfalls and a spectacular overlook view of the Allegheny River. The Environmental Learning Center provides rich educational opportunities, including nature talks and walks.

Parks Foundation Projects in Harrison Hills Park

Harrison Hills Park activities

  • Ballgames
  • Birding
  • Environmental Learning Center
  • Playground
  • Trails
  • Watts Memorial Overlook

Harrison Hills Park horseriding
Harrison Hills Park dog walking

“I live in the city and I work in the city. Getting out here to the parks helps me get my head clear, helps me breathe again.”

– Chef Bill Fuller (with Daisy and Tilly)

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