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Round Hill Park | Harmony House Red Trail

2 miles | Moderate-to-difficult    Download this trail guide

This unique park features a variety of farm animals and crop fields. This moderate-to-difficult trail is marked with red blazes and is two miles long. Park at Harmony House Shelter. The trailhead is marked by a section of split rail fence where you will see red and blue blazes. Both trails will take the same route for the first half of this hike. Follow this path which passes through the forest and fields, stay to the left at the first fork and the trail will enter a wide clearing with a fire ring that is used for scouting groups. The trail continues at the far end of the clearing. Stay left and go through a small strip of forest and proceed downhill through another small field. Stay left again and you will climb up a small knob and through a small pine grove. As you descend the knob, continue following the edge of the wood line and stay to the left through the next two intersections. At the second intersection the Blue Trail will break off, taking a shorter loop back to the trailhead. The trail will climb again slightly and enter a small clearing with pines bordering the far edge. Take the right turn and start descending down and around the side of this knob. You will enter another small clearing with a Chimney Swift Habitat Tower situated near the center. Follow the path to the right continuing downhill. You will notice power lines to your left; follow the wood line on your right past several mowed paths that go out to the power line. You will quickly reach a large open field to your right. Enter the field and follow the wood line along the top edge. At the top, turn left, and follow the path as it parallels the wood line. You will enter the woods again at the far corner of the field. Once in the woods the trail turns left and then quickly descends to a small bench and a wet stream crossing. Cross the stream and follow the trail as it gradually climbs uphill. This section is a much narrower path through the woods. At the top of your climb, the trail will widen again and then open into a field. Cross the field following the wood line on your right. Pass over a small, seasonally wet drainage just before arriving at the lower Harmony House parking lot. Walk uphill on the side of the road where it joins the Blue Trail again just before reaching the Harmony House Shelter parking lot.

Round Hill Park Harmony House Red Trail map
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Round Hill Park path

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