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Settlers Cabin Park | Waterfall Trail/Green Trail

Waterfall Trail – 1 mile | Easy-to-moderate
Green Trail – 2 miles | Moderate-to-difficult
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One of the newest features of Settlers Cabin Park, the Waterfall Trail, has been reconstructed to allow greater access for the whole family. It is an easy-to- moderate hike which begins at Waterfall Trail/Off Leash Dog Park parking lot. The trailhead entrance is located between two stacked stone piles and marked with a sign and green blazes. This trail leads to a picturesque natural waterfall nestled in a cool hemlock ravine. The trail winds through the woodland, offering views of the valley bottom along the way. As the trail begins its decent into the valley, it narrows and you pass through a hemlock grove and descend a set of timber steps. Step up to the split rail fence for your first view of the waterfall. Head down the timber and earthen steps to your left and follow the Waterfall Trail sign as you make the final descent to the stream below. Follow the trail back to the parking lot for a one-mile round trip.

Looking for a longer hike? Continue along the Green Trail, either by taking a left and following the green blazes from the split rail fence view point or turn around at the waterfall and follow the trail downstream to a stepping stone crossing. Cross the stones and stay to your right at the next intersection to stay on the Green Trail and continue into the valley. You can cross the second set of stone steps and follow the Green Trail back up to the top at this point as well. As the trail meanders along the creek in the valley, you will see many species of trees and wildflowers. Large boulders and rock outcroppings jut out from the edges of the valley all around you. The trail makes a right turn at the end of the valley and follows a small spring that climbs up out of the bottom. Along this section you will be treated to some impressive views of the valley below. The trail tops out onto a flatter area and turns right to join the Red Trail for a short while. Again, the Green Trail will turn right as it splits from the Red Trail, descending back down into the valley just above the waterfall. Cross a small bridge and then a wet crossing above the waterfall. The Green Trail will complete the loop at the stairs and split rail fence. Follow the timber stairs back up and out of the valley to the parking lot. The whole loop is slightly more than two miles.

Settlers Cabin Park Waterfall-Green map
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Settlers Cabin Park Waterfall/Green trail waterfall

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