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Deer Lakes Park | Green-with-Red-Dot Trail

1 mile | Easy    Download this trail guide

This one-mile trail is an easy loop and ideal for all experience levels. The trail access can be found behind Carp 1 Shelter, where a restroom is conveniently located. The trail shares the beginning section with the Blue Trail. The Green-with-Red-Dot Trail then continues straight, diverging from the Blue Trail. The next section of trail is flat and will lead to mild elevation changes. The trail then flattens out again as it approaches a cemetery on the right, just beyond the park’s boundary. The trail then gets rocky before entering a large meadow. Pause in the meadow to take in the sights and sounds of the wildlife supported by this native habitat. Once you exit the meadow, you will be led to a much wider section of trail that returns to the beginning.

Deer Lakes Park People walking on Green-with-Red-Dot
Deer Lakes Park Green-with-Red-Dot Map
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Deer Lakes Park People walking on Green-with-Red-Dot

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