Waterfall Trail

Settlers Cabin Park Waterfall/Green trail waterfall


Hidden in Settlers Cabin Park, nestled in a hemlock grove, is a beautiful waterfall. But trail conditions and steep terrain had made it unreachable for many. We teamed up with Allegheny County to improve the trail while protecting the sensitive botanical areas surrounding it. The redesign has increased its length from one-half mile to two-thirds mile and the steep slope has been removed.

The new trail leads hikers to scenic vistas that change with the seasons, revealing the natural waterfall as a perfect resting spot before the path loops back to the trailhead. Improvements to portions of the trail crossing over the stream to facilitate pedestrians have been made, two sets of stairs have been added, and native species have been planted along the streambanks to help prevent further stream erosion. Interpretive signage was also added.

This project was included among a broad set of recommendations in the Settlers Cabin Park Ecological Assessment and Action Plan completed by the Parks Foundation in partnership with the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy with funding by the Benedum Foundation.


Allegheny County


The Allegheny County Parks Foundation raised the funds for this project. Funding was provided by:

  • REI’s Loving our Local Outdoors community grant program
  • FedEx Ground
  • Allegheny County