The Caren Glotfelty Meadow


Establishing a meadow at Hartwood Acres was recommended in the Hartwood Acres Ecological Assessment and Action Plan prepared by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy, in partnership with the Parks Foundation. The selected site is a four-acre previously mowed lawn located behind the concert stage and adjacent to Little Pine Creek.

The site was planted in the summer of 2019 with a showy seed mixture of native wildflowers and grasses appropriate for the Northeast contaiing Coneflower, Sunflower, Aster Blue False Indigo, Coreopsis, Wild Bergamot, Butterfly Milkweed, among others.

Besides their beauty, meadows are beneficial to the park’s ecology because they attract birds and other pollinators with their abundant food source and sheltering opportunities. Meadows have become increasingly popular as a sustainable gardening option in residential settings. They also provide erosion control and storm water runoff management, which is especially valuable at this site which as a mowed law contributed runoff into Little Pine Creek. The Caren Glotfelty Meadow was planted in conjunction with riparian trees and shrubs to shore up the banks of Little Pine Creek and further absorb excessive runoff.


Allegheny County


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