Small Project Stewardship Program


Our Small Project Stewardship Program allows the Allegheny County Parks Foundation to award funds of $300 or less to small park projects throughout the nine county parks to be used to purchase materials. Any individual, group or scout interested in applying for potential funding from the Parks Foundation program must first gain project approval from the Allegheny County Parks Department. Since beginning this program in 2013, there have been 21 small projects completed in the county parks with more on the way!


Since its inception this program, funding has been awarded for small projects located in Boyce, Hartwood Acres, North, Settlers Cabin and South parks. The projects have involved trail maintenance, vernal pool creation (pictured above), improved erosion control, litter and invasive plant removal, tree plantings, the installation of educational signage and brochure boxes, the building and installation of picnic benches or raised garden beds and the installation of bird, bat, owl, chicken or turtle houses.


  • Allegheny County
  • Community Members


The Allegheny County Parks Foundation raised the funds for these park projects from generous donors.