Allée Restoration


The iconic allée (a French word for a straight path lined with trees or shrubs) of maple trees by the Visitors Center has contracted a deadly disease from a fungus living in the soil. Known as verticillium wilt, this disease can infect some woody plants, like the maple trees. Unfortunately, there is no cure, and if left alone these dying trees will deteriorate and fall. As a safety precaution, the infected trees are being removed to prevent injury to park users and the nearby sheep and cows. The trees will be carefully disposed of according to best management practices to avoid the spread of the disease.

In spring 2024, we will replant the allée with different tree species which are resistant to verticillium wilt. The trees planted will be linden, honey locust, London planetree, and flowering crab apple. The decision to choose a variety of trees was strategic to prevent the loss of the entire allée again if a selective pest were to affect the trees in the future. Choosing the specific trees to be planted in this space was especially challenging given the unique circumstances of the nearby farm pastures. All the species that were selected were chosen because they are not only resistant to verticillium wilt, but also because they are safe for the nearby animals. Unfortunately, many of the native species that are resistant to verticillium wilt are toxic when ingested by the farm animals.


Allegheny County


The Allegheny County Parks Foundation raised the funds for this project. Funding was provided by:

    • Allegheny County
    • FedEx Ground