Playground Parking Area Tree Planting

Map of playground and plantings


The Allegheny County Parks Foundation is contributing to the redesign of the children’s playground parking lot in South Park through a grant with the Alcoa Foundation, in partnership with Allegheny County, as per recommendations from our South Park Ecological Assessment and Action Plan. As part of the process 88 trees will line the updated parking lot for the restored playground. These trees will shade, intercept and absorb stormwater, provide habitat and offer comfortable gathering areas for visitors. Adjacent sustainable site improvements will also be made that include the reduction of 30,000 square feet of unnecessary asphalt pavement within the parking area which will result in improved water quality, flood reduction and the lowering of ambient air temperatures. These parking lot enhancements will also complement the sustainably harvested and nature-inspired materials utilized in the new playground equipment and our work at the green design parking lot. By implementing these sustainable and eco-conscious choices, this project will contribute to our ongoing  ecological impact work.


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