Community Awareness and Park User Surveys

group of adults and children smile and enjoy a medium sized dog


Visitors to all nine county parks participated in a random survey, conducted using scientific methods, during the summer of 2016, and again in the summer of 2022, to gauge their enjoyment of the parks and what activities they participate in when they visit. A separate, random telephone survey of residents in Allegheny and neighboring counties was conducted to approximate the number of annual park visits to all nine Allegheny County parks, which was determined to be about 21 million in 2016 and 23 million in 2022.


  • Allegheny County
  • Andrew J. Mowen, Penn State University, Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Management
  • Left Brain Concepts, Inc.


The Allegheny County Parks Foundation raised the funds for this project. Funding was provided by:

  • Colcom Foundation
  • Richard King Mellon Foundation