Peaceable Kingdom Fund


In 2022, in conjunction with Allegheny County, the Parks Foundation completed a two-year, on-going series of plantings. The goal of this project was to support wildlife habitat improvement projects in the Allegheny County Parks after Tree Pittsburgh commissioned an analysis that showed a loss of 10,000 acres of tree canopy across Allegheny County from 2006-2016, greatly impacting wildlife habitat.  To achieve our wildlife habitat improvement goal the Parks Foundation completed work in all 9 county parks in conjunction with Allegheny County!

Our work included:

    • 2,012 trees and shrubs planted
    • 80 perennials planted
    • 850 live stakes planted
    • 13 acres of meadow created
    • 3 acres of riparian improved
    • 2 acres of reforestation
    • 3 avian monitoring sites showing an increase in visits

Parks Specifics included:

    • 13 acres of new meadow and 20 trees planted at Hartwood Acres Park
    • Invasive species removal and 372 total trees planted at White Oak Park along the White Trail
    • Planting of 129 trees and shrubs to continue to rebuild woodland understory at the Waterfall Trail at Settlers Cabin Park
    • Riparian plantings at the beaver pond at Settlers Cabin Park adding 350 trees and shrubs and 400 live stakes
    • Removal of invasive species along the pond edge at Deer Lakes and Harrison Hills Parks, planting of 600 trees and shrubs and 450 live stakes
    • 443 additional tree plantings across South Park, Boyce Park and Round Hill Park
    • Planting of 98 trees and shrubs along the edge of the Mound Meadow and 80 perennials in the ephemeral ponds in North Park


    • Allegheny County
    • Audubon Society of Western PA
    • 300+ Volunteers with the Allegheny County Parks Department from:
      • ALCOA
      • Duquesne Light
      • EQT
      • FedEx Ground
      • Friends of South Park
      • Gateway School District
      • Koppers
      • LaRoche College
      • Pennsylvania American Water
      • U.S. Steel


    • Peaceable Kingdom Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation