Ecological Improvement Project: 2021-2022


In 2022, in conjunction with Allegheny County, the Parks Foundation completed a two-year, on-going series of plantings. The goal of this project was to support wildlife habitat improvement projects in the Allegheny County Parks after tree canopy declined dramatically across Allegheny County from 2006-2016, greatly deteriorating wildlife habitat. To achieve our wildlife habitat improvement goal the Parks Foundation completed work in all 9 county parks in conjunction with Allegheny County using the information learned from our ongoing park ecological assessments!

Our work included:

    • 2,012 trees and shrubs planted
    • 80 perennials planted
    • 850 live stakes planted
    • 13 acres of pollinator meadow created
    • 3 acres of riparian zones improved
    • 2 acres of tree reforestation
    • 3 avian monitoring sites showing an increase in visits

Parks Specifics included:

    • 13 acres of new meadow and 20 trees planted at Hartwood Acres Park
    • Invasive species removal and 372 total trees planted at White Oak Park along the White Trail
    • Planting of 129 trees and shrubs to continue to rebuild woodland understory at the Waterfall Trail at Settlers Cabin Park
    • Riparian plantings at the beaver pond at Settlers Cabin Park adding 350 trees and shrubs and 400 live stakes
    • Removal of invasive species along the pond edge at Deer Lakes and Harrison Hills Parks, planting of 600 trees and shrubs and 450 live stakes
    • 443 additional tree plantings across South Park, Boyce Park and Round Hill Park
    • Planting of 98 trees and shrubs along the edge of the Mound Meadow and 80 perennials in the ephemeral ponds in North Park


    • Allegheny County
    • Audubon Society of Western PA
    • 300+ Volunteers with the Allegheny County Parks Department from:
      • ALCOA
      • Duquesne Light
      • EQT
      • FedEx Ground
      • Friends of South Park
      • Gateway School District
      • Koppers
      • LaRoche College
      • Pennsylvania American Water
      • U.S. Steel


    • Peaceable Kingdom Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation