The Foundation

The Allegheny County Parks Foundation supports the improvement, preservation and restoration of nine county parks consisting of 12,000 acres strategically located throughout Allegheny County. The Parks Foundation assists in the transformation of these parks by assembling resources, improving assets, and mobilizing public and private stakeholders to advance strategies and aspirations to make the parks signature assets in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Our overall mission is to help improve, conserve, maintain, protect, preserve and restore park facilities and open spaces, and also to support educational, recreational, natural and cultural activities. These efforts all work to enhance the quality of life for county residents, promote healthy lifestyles, improve the environment, and stimulate economic growth and vibrancy for our region. In partnership with Allegheny County, we strive to enhance the park experience for all users.

The Allegheny County Parks Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

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Great parks make great communities.

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